The Core of Sponsorship at 25

We believe hope and healing, truly come through a real and transforming relationship with Jesus Christ as the foundation for life.   As disciples and followers of Christ, we have devoted our lives to Him.  As a result, our entire focus and priority in ministry is directed towards pointing to and leading children, youth, and their communities into a relationship with Jesus, the only One who can truly give lasting hope and healing.

Sponsorship is one of the most effective and strategic ways to minister to children that addresses both physical and spiritual needs.  Connecting children with sponsors is a link in which God continues to change lives, in the children and youth in the communities we serve, as well as the sponsors themselves.

We see sponsorship as much more than just giving money each month.  Our desire is that the relationship between the child and sponsor is seen as a partnership, one in which a familial bond naturally comes about over time.  When sponsorship functions as it is designed, Christ is honored and lives are forever changed. That is our hope and goal.


Name Changers

Our sponsorship program, “Name Changers”, is designed to personally engage sponsors with children and youth who we minister to on a continual basis.

Throughout the Bible, God often changed the names of many of those whose lives had been impacted or altered by Him.  A change of name often represented promises for the future.  Take for example Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, Sarai to Sarah, Saul to Paul, and Simon to Peter.  There was great significance when God changed a name.

Jesus gave one of the greatest promises just before He ascended into Heaven (Matthew 28).  He said, …“I am with you always”.  Many of the kids we serve have never had the assurance of knowing someone would be there to love and care for them.  Our desire is that each will know the significance of this promise from Jesus and live with the confidence they will never be alone again.

While the 25 Project is focused on meeting physical needs, our prayer is that each child will have a life-changing encounter with Jesus.  To be adopted by God and given a new name is an experience that will last for eternity.


Sponsorship Overview

When you sponsor with 25, lives are changed.  The child’s life is impacted and our prayer is that you will be impacted as well.  Your monthly gift does not end up in a large community program, but directly influences your specific child!  We are committed to direct transformation and are driven to see lasting effects, one child at a time.

Your tax-deductible gift provides a child or youth with the following:

  • Opportunity to know and be discipled to grow in a vibrant, transforming relationship with Jesus
  • Nutritious meals and clean drinking water
  • Opportunity for education (tuition, uniforms, school supplies)
  • Basic medical care

Our focus is on holistic care of each child, providing food, education, medical care, and most importantly, the opportunity to grow in a life changing relationship with Jesus.  As was Jesus’ model for us in ministry, we are also committed to addressing the physical and tangible needs…all while the Gospel is shared.  Jesus is visible in every part of the program.  Without Christ and the Gospel at the forefront, the meeting of needs is only temporary.  Our hope is that through tangible needs being addressed, the Gospel is all the more put on display for children and the communities we serve.

Clearly, we believe your monthly investment is an eternal one.


Communication with your sponsored child/youth

With your sponsorship, the 25 Project will send frequent ministry updates of the program where your child/youth is enrolled, an annual updated picture of your sponsored child/youth, along with 1-2 letters from your child/youth per year. Upon receiving your 1st letter from your sponsored child/youth, we encourage you to respond with 1-2 letters throughout the year from you and your family.

Sponsor a Child/Youth

Sponsorship FAQ