Who is the 25 Project?

The 25 Project seeks to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to orphans, while also providing holistic care to “the least of these” around the world. This holistic care gives children the chance to one day be released from poverty. We believe children belong in families where life-long connections can be fostered, not on the streets or in institutions. The 25 Project seeks sponsorships for orphans and vulnerable children who can then be placed in a home with an environment to build family bonds. Children are also provided with food, education, medical care and most importantly, the opportunity to grow in a life changing relationship with Jesus. We currently serve children in Sierra Leone, India, and the Dominican Republic.


What is an orphan?

There are different types of orphans depending on their particular situation. Following is a description of the types of orphans:

Paternal Orphan: A child whose father has died.

Maternal Orphan: A child whose mother has died.

Full Orphan/Double Orphan: A child whose parents have both died.

Social Orphan: A child who has lost one or both parents because of abandonment, or relinquishment due to poverty, alcoholism, or imprisonment.


What is a “vulnerable child”?

The 25 Project not only works with orphaned children, but also children who are considered vulnerable. Vulnerable children are those children who live with both parents but their parents are not able to adequately provide for their basic needs and schooling.


How much of my sponsorship dollars actually go towards the ministry program?

We strongly believe in and strive to maximize all funds given to fully minister to each child entrusted to our care.  Minus credit/debit card or ACH (auto draft) processing fees charged by our bank (of which we have no control), the remaining funds are directed to specifically minister to each child and run the sponsorship program.  In order to adequately cover the entire cost of the program, we actually are required to raise extra funds in addition to sponsorship dollars.


What does the cost of sponsorship provide?

Our focus is on holistic care of each child while, most importantly, providing the opportunity to grow in a life changing relationship with Jesus. Providing for physical needs is of great importance, we are unashamedly a Gospel driven ministry, and as a result, Jesus is visible in every part of the program. Your tax-deductible gift provides a child or youth with the following:

  • Opportunity to know and be discipled to grow in a vibrant, transforming relationship with Jesus.
  • Nutritious meals and clean drinking water
  • Opportunity for education (tuition, uniforms, school supplies)
  • Basic medical care

The benefits of the Name Changers program are intended to meet both everyday needs as well as those that would be classified as critical. The assistance given varies according to the individual needs of each child.


What is the difference between youth and child sponsorship?

Cost for both children and youth is the same and furnish for the same needs. Youth sponsorship is a shorter commitment. While both have the potential for sponsorship through technical school or a university, our hope would be that because of the shortened length of sponsorship for youth, your commitment would continue through post-graduate education.


What is the difference between a partial and a full sponsorship?

The actual sponsorship cost per child is $72 per month. We’ve set each child up with the opportunity for 2 sponsorships so that we can keep the cost affordable and more people can participate in the joy of sponsorship. As a sponsor you can partially sponsor a child at $36 per month, or fully sponsor them at $72 per month.


How long will my sponsorship last?

Depending on the country from which you are sponsoring, children are considered adults at varying ages dependent on their culture and customs. Typically, sponsorship continues until the child is between the ages of 18 to 25. For both youth and child sponsorships, you may wish to continue your commitment to provide for your child’s technical school or university expenses.


Can I pay for a full year of sponsorship in advance?

We currently have our system setup to charge for sponsorship monthly. We do make exceptions in some instances for a sponsor to pay for a full year of sponsorship. Special circumstances must be discussed with the 25 Project Name Changers Director, Sarah Teasdale.


What can I expect to receive?

You can expect frequent updates on the program through our Name Changers Newsletter. You will also receive an annual updated picture and 1-2 letters from you sponsored child each year. If your child leaves the program or graduates, we will notify you.  We’ll also automatically reassign you to a child in need of a sponsor who, as closely as possible, matches the demographics of your chosen child. You can change or cancel the assigned sponsorship if you so desire.


Can I send letters to my sponsor child?

Yes! The 25 Project will provide you with a template for you to write to your sponsored child. The template provides uniformity in sponsorship communication. Letters will be delivered with 25 Project mission teams to your sponsored child.


What if I choose to cancel my sponsorship?

You can discontinue sponsorship at any time. Please contact Sarah Teasdale at sarah@25project.org if you wish to discontinue your child sponsorship.


Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact Sarah Teasdale, our Director of Name Changers, at 972-521-7325 ext. 806 or at sarah@25project.org.