Illumin8 FAQs

    • What is Illumin8?
      Illumin8 is a ministry of the 25 Project for at-risk, school-age kids that meets weekly at Merritt Homes, McKinney Housing Authority, located at 1200 N. Tennessee St., McKinney.
    • What happens at Illumin8?
      A typical evening at Illumin8 finds the kids playing, singing, and laughing as volunteers share the gospel through games, crafts, a Bible lesson, music, occasional special guest or event and a lot of LOVE!
    • Who are Illumin8 kids?
      They are just that- KIDS! Many of them come from single-parent homes or are being raised by guardians. They tend to live within the culture of poverty. They need encouragement, empowerment, attention and lots of love. A notorious gang leader once said “We always get the youth because we know how to make them feel important.” These kids need to believe that they were wonderfully made by God and each have a kingdom purpose.
    • Who are Illumin8 volunteers?
      Illumin8 volunteers are Christians, ready to open their schedules and hearts to an amazing group of kids.  They are not afraid to risk walking in the trenches to show Christ-like love to vulnerable kids. Commitment to serve the entire school year with the Illumin8 team is expected.
    • Can my kids come with me to Illumin8?
      The answer is YES, with a few things for you to pray about and contemplate. If you think that your kids will pull your attention away from the Illumin8 kids or if your kids are easily angered or saddened, this might not be the best environment for them. Your kid(s) will be treated as one of the Illumin8 kids, not as a position of leadership. Our MHA Illumin8 kids need your undivided attention so they might grow and thrive.
    • How do I volunteer?
      Join Illumin8 as a local volunteer by applying today. A $21 background check fee is required after your Volunteer Application is approved, unless a background check is already on file from a previous mission expedition. 25 Project Background Check release is required for all volunteers 18 years and older.
    • What is the application process?
      Each mission team Application or Re-Application will be reviewed by 25 Project.  Team member approval for participation on a team may not be approved due to medical history, criminal background history, prior expedition concerns or other circumstances.  Each Application or Re-application will be re-assessed on an annual basis by 25 Project.
    • When do you meet in 2017-2018?
      • Sept: Kick-off on 24th
        Oct: On- 1, 15, 22            Off- 8, 29
        Nov: On- 5, 12                Off- 19, 26
        Dec: On- 3, 10, 17          Off- 24, 31
        Jan: On- 21, 28               Off- 7, 14
        Feb: On- 4, 11, 25           Off- 18
        March: On- 4, 25             Off- 11, 18
        April: On- 8, 15, 22, 29    Off- 1

Let us answer your questions, contact Angie Farquhar, Director of Illumin8.