What is Missions

Our Long-Term Focus and Strategy

Missions is not a trip, it’s not an experience, and it’s not something you have on a spiritual checklist and you mark as completed. Quite simply, missions is a way of life. The key to ensuring this mentality and lifestyle is through relationships.

The Bible gives us two people, among many, who can serve as models for us. Paul and Barnabas wanted to go back to those places they had been on their first journey to visit the churches and believers there. In their first visit, they became closely connected in relationship with the churches and believers. Because of the focus on long-term transformation and growth, Paul and Barnabas desired to again pour more of the Gospel into those brothers and sisters, to encourage more and more spiritual growth, and to always point others to Christ.

The 25 Project intentionally follows this Biblical model. We value long-term life transformation, growth, and intentional discipleship, all while we meet tangible, physical needs. Again, the type of life change we hope for almost always happens through relationships. And as a result, we prioritize building strong, trusted relationships where each child can have confidence in our long-term commitment to them.

As a team member, you are a part of this long-term strategy! In fact, you serve a vital role in this process. Your presence, your witness, your story, your talents, and your intentional pouring in and sharing of the Gospel is of great value in this ministry.

God is at work. He has used and is using our in-country leaders. He has used past teams we have sent. And He will use you to continue to make much of Himself in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children!


What Missions Is Not

As you go to be a part of a team serving on mission, it is of great significance that we understand the Biblical reason for why we go, for why we are involved in missions. Before we discuss what missions is, we must first gain a clear understanding of what missions is not.

Missions is not:

Collecting souvenirs
Seeing how good we have it in America
Building a scrapbook
Training to be on the Amazing Race
Something we check off our spiritual to-do list
A Trip
A Sacrifice

What Missions Is

There isn’t enough space here to fully explain what missions is, but a quick explanation will provide some help for us. As believers who love God and His Word, we must look to see what He says about this.

The reason we do missions is simply because God is a missional God and He has called us to His work (Psalm 67:1-3; 46:10; Matthew 28:18-20, 9:37-38; 24:14; 25:31-46). In fact, He has been on mission since the beginning of time. He is at work now and we have the privilege of joining Him in His work. As John Piper writes in His book, Let the Nations Be Glad, “Missions exists because God is not worshipped and glorified in all nations and among all peoples.” We go because we desire to see lives changed by Jesus, for Him to be worshipped, and for His name to be made famous.

When we go and serve on mission, let’s be reminded that we aren’t bringing Jesus with us in our luggage. We don’t step off the plane and then unleash Jesus on the country and it’s people. It may sound silly, but there can be a tendency to think like this when we go to serve somewhere. In reality, Jesus is already there. Long before we felt called to go and serve, He was at work, and long after we get on a plane to come home, He will still be there working in the lives of people. So, with that said, we go to JOIN HIM in the work HE IS ALREADY DOING around the world. You have the privilege of serving Him and making much of Him in anyway He chooses to use you.

Let’s be reminded that as we go, we are ultimately serving Christ (Matthew 25:40), and however and whatever way He wants to use us, let’s be fully yielded to Him and His purposes. He is the One who moves and stirs hearts, not us. With the understanding that only He can move and transform hearts, all the pressure is off you (and that’s such great news!). Just be willing to be used by Him and watch Him work through you.