Expedition FAQs

  • Funds are submitted according to the required schedule below:
    • $300 – non-refundable deposit to reserve dates
    • 1/3rd due – 90 days out, 1/3rd due – 60 days out, 1/3rd due – 30 days out

    Expenses included in the Expedition Total Cost:

    • Flights to and from final destination
    • Your international travel health insurance
    • All food, transportation and accommodations while in country
    • Any group activity or outreach that is a part of the trip itinerary
    • Ministry expenses (team supplies, book and t-shirt)
    • Translators
  • Each team member must fully fund the Expedition Total Cost before departure with the team
  • Expenses NOT included in the Expedition Total Cost:
    • Passport expenses (renewal, purchase, picture, etc.)
    • Travel Visa
    • Immunizations
    • Other medications (malaria prevention, indigestion, etc.)
    • Printing and mailing costs of support letters
    • Extra meals (such as during travel, or meals in airports)
    • Flight weather delay, natural disaster, or emergency costs for additional lodging, meals, or expenses
    • Your flight to DFW (if applicable)
  • A ticket will not be purchased until the minimum ticket cost is fully funded for an expedition
  • There is a minimum team size and team members may be asked to reschedule at a later time when we are able to recruit the minimum
  • Team members are expected to fully participate in the preparation process and team meetings before the expedition date
  • All funds paid to 25 Project are tax deductible and cannot be returned. Cancellation of an expedition inside 120 days of your scheduled expedition will forfeit the $300 non-refundable deposit
  • Each mission team Application or Re-Application will be reviewed by 25 Project.  Team member approval for participation on a team may not be approved due to medical history, criminal background history, prior expedition concerns or other circumstances.  Each Application or Re-application will be re-assessed on an annual basis by 25 Project.

To apply to be on a 25 Project Mission Expedition Team, simply complete and submit the application here. If you have any questions, please contact Nathan Bogue, Director of Mobilization.