Sierra Leone March 2019

Dates: March 28 – April 6, 2019

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Cost: Estimated Total of $2950 from Texas
($1260 plus Airfare)

Payment Schedule:
$300 non-refundable deposit
1/3rd due – 90 days out
1/3rd due – 60 days out
1/3rd due – 30 days out

Children: Mature teenagers from 12th grade who are accompanied by a parent may be eligible to go.

Take part in changing lives by introducing Jesus Christ to orphans and vulnerable children in a Kid’s Bible Camp. You will form lasting relationships with 25 campers as you enjoy sports, games, crafts, worship, and Bible study together. Your life will be changed as God uses you to impact campers involved in the 25 Project Name Changer Sponsorship Program. The team will serve for one week, but kid’s like Sullay and Hawa will be changed by Jesus Christ for eternity.

Though Sierra Leone is often viewed as a peaceful place, ironically poverty is so prevalent and is a daily reality for millions living in this nation. Join us in sharing the love of Christ and hope found only in Him as a messenger of the Gospel.

Let us answer your questions, contact Nathan Bogue, Director of Mobilization.