Group FAQs

  • Should I pay a group deposit?
    • We do like for churches to hold space if desired with a $500.00 non-refundable deposit (which is applicable to any team leader/coordinator from your group traveling on the team). This alleviates worrying about not having enough spots for your group members to signup. This space for 10 people (or a higher specified number) is held until 120 days out from travel, at which time we release space to anyone on the waiting list for the remaining spots available on the team.
  • Is a group deposit required for schools, churches, or businesses?
    • No, however 25 Project will not hold space for your individuals without a $500.00 group deposit.  Space will be held for individuals at the time they pay their deposit. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit from each team member in the group will hold their individual place on the team. A request for space or confirmation that space is available will not hold any space for the team members without a group or individual deposit.
  • What is provided for groups?
    • A custom website, prayer bookmarks, promotional flyers and promotional cards are available.  All are available on request or as needed.
  • Can 25 Project staff hold an informational meeting, preach a sermon or share with my group?
    • Yes, our staff is excited to inform and answer questions of potential team members.  We will provide printed handouts and a visual presentation for your group.  Please contact us to setup a planned event.
  • Will 25 Project lead preparation meetings for my group before the team leaves?
    • Up to three mission team meetings (or more upon request) will be provided for each team.  Our staff will lead the meetings, provide team folders, team manuals, packing lists and curriculum for the team members.

Additional FAQs are provide for team members on the Trip FAQs page.

We are excited to sign up your group and and fully support each team member from your group.  If you have any questions, please contact Stacy Gallimore, Trip Operations Assistant.