Meeting Notes #2

Introduction and Prayer – each team member will briefly share how to pray for him/her in getting prepared for the expedition



Review – Recap of insights from the 1st meeting

–  Struggling & Be Flexible – hear a quick recap & repeat team members can share examples
–  Trip Goals – learn highlights on daily schedule goals
–  Prayer Insights – learn how to pray about going, involving families & prayer partners emails


Language Helps – Learn about the Krio Language and Islam Training Helps



  1. How do poor people describe their condition of poverty differently than North Americans?
  2. What are your four key relationships? What do they highlight about humans?
  3. Are we bringing Christ to poor communities? Has God already been active in them?
  4. What is the “god-complex”? How do you feel you suffer from it?


Team Manual – discuss highlights from pgs. 1-31

– sample songs list
– note to sponsors and team member report
– games and minute to win it games
– making partners | small group games


Team Member Roles – Discuss the handout Kid’s Club – Summary Overview that uses your submitted Gifting Worksheets to assign team roles



Review – recap insights from 1st meeting

–  Packing List – recap and especially note 2 checked bags are free (one may be needed for team supplies)
–  Amenities – recap and ask questions on the available amenities where you stay and also at ministry area

Preparation List – learn about being culturally prepared and what to do / not to do as a team when in the country


Translating with an Interpreter – a couple of team members will demonstrate speaking through a translator and repeat team members can give tips and advice from previous expeditions.