Meeting Notes #3

Introduction and Prayer – each team member will briefly share how to pray for him/her in getting prepared for the expedition


Prayer Partner Emails – each team member should submit 6 Prayer Partners to cover the team with prayer during the expedition.  These partners will receive pictures after the expedition as well from the team photos.

Pack Early – buy an expedition toothbrush, use sticky notes to remind you of items that cannot be packed till the day you’re leaving, and pack 1 week early

Trip Schedule – read over finalized team schedule




  1. What is the root of poverty? What is reconciliation?
  2. Think about your church’s ministries and missions efforts. Do they include a clear, verbal articulation of the gospel? If not, what are some specific things that could be done to improve this?
  3. Again, think about your church’s ministries and mission efforts. Are they about people and processes or about projects and products? List some specific things that you could do to improve these initiatives.
  4. Consider your community, city, or region. How might the economic, social, religious, and political systems be unjust and oppressive to some people? Then ask: is there anything you or your church could do to make these systems more just?



Team Manual – discuss highlights from pgs. 31-55
• Evangecube sharing the Gospel guide – example guided video
• prayer walking guides
• common discipleship issue scriptures
• church planter on missions article
• journalling is recommended during expedition



Final Expedition Details

  1. Passports – make sure you have submitted your passport page
  2. Car Pool – confirm your arrangements if needed
  3. Emergency Info – receive Emergency Info sheet, how to contact team leader by phone, text, email
  4. Checked Bags – tally unused checked bags – plan any team supplies packing arrangements


Team Member Roles – walk through the curriculum and highlight pertinent parts to understand in ICE BREAKERS, BIBLE STORY, CRAFTS, and GAMES in the printouts Team Kid’s Club Day #1-4