Handout #2 – Preparation List

Let us know if you have any questions and a printable version is also available.

Cultural considerations and recommendations in preparation for serving on your expedition.

  • Expectations: ice is not usually available and be mindful snacks will melt, bottled water is always available. Basic first aid items are provided and you will sweat, so bring bandana or chaffing cream. Power may be limited to certain times of day, so bring extra batteries or a lithium recharging battery.
  • Second vs First Timers: the dynamic exists between old and new trip members who have very different needs and expectations.  We will need the second trip members to be patient and understanding in the basic, simple and repeated explanation or instructions.
  • Ownership: the team leader expects team members to have read the entire team manual and trip schedule. Have these at every team meeting for discussion & review.
  • Pictures: ask before taking pictures, be aware of people in the background of your photo.
  • Sickness: always share with your team leader the smallest sickness or out of the ordinary feeling you are experiencing any day of the trip. We will have better understanding and ability to aid you with being informed.
  • Privacy: do not away your name, address, phone number, email or Facebook. If asked for this, let the child or adult know our local Missional Partner knows how to get in touch with you.
  • Language expert: learn a few phrases in the native language, do not correct others during week, do not grade others, leave their language learning to them to try.
  • Translators: be sensitive to them, get to know them, follow their advice.
  • Daily Quiet time: so important, do not let team meeting times be your only time of prayer and in the Word.  Spend time each day in country alone with the Lord to pray and read His Word.
  • Be Positive & Try New Things: try to find the positive, be careful of being negative, complaining is not helpful, do your best, prepare for worst and trust God for victory. Try new things and food if fully cooked and sanitary, do not be afraid to try something different while on the team to avoid being offensive. If something offered will make your stomach upset, feel free to graciously decline it.
  • Sarcasm: avoid it during the trip. Be careful to not unintentionally make fun of people, people understand more than you know.
  • American: do not compare the two countries and try to avoid politics.
  • Staring: do not be offended if people stare at you, you are unique, cool, different
  • Money: do not give out money or make promises to give out money and gifts, be mindful when valuables, camera, and money are out. For any need or question always ask the team leader.
  • Valuables: do not wear jewelry, necklace, anything that is valuable that can be taken off, always keep passport & money on you and never in a backpack.
  • Wandering: do not wander off from group, never be by yourself away from the team, never be alone in a Dominican home.
  • Christian Words: they will all say yes I am a Christian, so ask spiritual questions about Jesus, walking with Him, trusting, seeking, obeying.
  • Prescriptions: keep in original bottle/airport rules, bring extras, take all normal meds on trip or update team leader to changes.
  • Packing: in carry-on backpack take one set of clothes & toiletries, you may lose a gate checked or large carry on. Make color copies of passport for each bag.
  • Airport: make caravan or personal drop off arrangements beforehand.
  • Phone: you may want your carriers international data and texting plan, international calling is usually more expensive so research pricing before you leave.
  • Cards: turn on international travel alerts for your debit and credit cards you are taking.
  • Diet, Exercise & Medications: notify the team leader 7 days before the trip if you plan to alter your prescribed medicines or dosage, alter your diet or your diet will not allow consumption of certain foods, will be fasting any meals or foods, or have a personal exercise routine you desire to be accommodated during the trip.
  • Long Term Vision and Communication: as you become more aware of specific struggles and needs of the villagers you will hear about the long term goals and strategy of 25 Project.  We cannot wait to share our timing and strategic funding initiatives so you can be a part of in the future.  As God stirs your heart always begin any conversations about giving/supporting with the team leader.  Upon returning from the country, please forward all correspondence with anyone in the country including our missionaries to your team leader to be aware of opportunities and needs.  We want to see God accomplish His purpose through 25 Project with you.
  • Seeds: plant them now with your friends and family for prospective future team members.
  • Read fully before trip: When Helping Hurts book
  • Read fully before trip: The Church Planter on Mission Trips, and Working Well Across Cultures article in Team Manual