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We are so excited to announce the 25 Project is adding a new location for ministry, this time in McKinney, Texas. We have prayed for a place to minister to children here in the U.S., and God certainly has answered. He has given us the opportunity to work with kids right in the city where our headquarters are located!


Volunteer Locally

Our ministry office is located in McKinney, Texas. We are always looking for volunteers to help with events as well as assistance maintaining our sponsorship program, Name Changers.

Name Changers child

As is seen so often in scripture, God would often change a person’s name when He changed their life.  While meeting physical needs if of great importance, our greatest hope is to see the spiritual needs of those we serve be addressed.  Through the Name Changers Sponsorship Program, ongoing physical needs are addressed with the Gospel being put on display and shared at every possible occasion.


25 for 25 KentJones_25for25Logo

25 for 25 makes a tremendous impact, serving the mission and vision of bringing Jesus to orphan and vulnerable children who live without hope.  Learn more about how just a little can do so much to impact kids and their communities with the Gospel.


Serve on Mission plane

25 leads teams throughout the year to serve on mission in the Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, and South Asia.  Our teams serve as part of the long term strategy and come alongside the ongoing work in each location. Our teams assist the disciple process with the children we serve, as well as provide opportunities for children who may not have a relationship with Christ to be introduced to Him.


Epic Internship Epic Mountain B

From the rising of the sun to the setting of the same, His name will be great among the nations. For young adults looking to serve for an extended amount of time on the field, we have summer internships available to the Dominican Republic beginning Summer 2017. This will be a life-changing experience as you serve our sponsored kids and immerse yourself in their communities.


25 Project T-shirts

Supporting the “least of these” by getting one of our latest long sleeved or short sleeved t-shirts.