Where we Serve

Dominican  RepublicDominican Republic

Though the Dominican Republic is often viewed as a beautiful place to vacation, ironically poverty is so prevalent and is a daily reality for millions living in this island nation. The love of Christ and hope found only in Him is being shared and given to many.

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South Asia

In a region where only about 2% of the population professes and follows Christ, Mercy Homes provides a place for orphan children and youth to be discipled and to find purpose and hope for the future.

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Sierra LeoneSierra Leone

Sierra Leone is home to thousands upon thousands of children and youth who struggle to live and have basic necessities met on a regular basis.  The Ebola epidemic and crisis of 2014-15 has brought on tremendous challenges for the entire country like never seen before.  Through Godly partners and leaders, the lives of kids are being changed, pointing them to Jesus even in the midst of uncertainty.

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