Mercy Homes

Beginning in 2003, Mercy Homes has served as a refuge in South Asia for many orphans who would otherwise have had no hope or future.  Through the years of many giving so generously, boys and girls have found a refuge where each could find love, meaning, a way to be educated, and relationships that would serve as a way to be discipled and personally know a God who loves them.

The 25 Project was privileged and honored to begin the oversight for the Mercy Homes in early 2015.  Currently there are 51 children and young people a part of two separate homes, a home for boys and a home for girls.  Many of the kids involved have called Mercy Home their home since early in their lives, and in some sense, Mercy Home is all they have really ever known.  Although most are not biological siblings, the majority are growing up or have grown up together and consider each other brothers and sisters. India Girls Group Pic

Both homes have house parents who serve as “mothers” and “fathers” to the kids.  The homes are often times like any typical family with their own ups and downs, agreements and disagreements, and joys and sorrows.  No matter what has transpired in the past, or what may be in the future, they do life together and they are family.

Education is a priority, and is so often the way out of poverty, giving the best opportunity for each one to provide and care for themselves long term.  Many of the kids are in college already, with the others greatly desiring and planning ahead for future careers.

God has used Mercy Homes in previous years, and our greatest prayer is that each life touched by the ministry of Mercy Homes will be a light for the Gospel among people who may have never even heard the name of Jesus.  The Gospel is going forward in a powerful way in South Asia, and we strongly believe God is using and is going to continue to use these precious young men and women to shine the light of the Gospel in an area of the world where so many have never heard or been exposed to the hope found only in Christ.

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