Intlantsi Christian School

History of Fort White

Fort White was originally a mission station set up by German settlers. Located at the foot of the Ntabakandoda Mountain, the native Xhosas executed military prisoners during 100 years of war.  It housed a small Bible school that closed in the late 1990s. Now, it is surrounded by historical sites, including an old German cemetery, battle monuments, and scattered burial places of former chiefs. Sadly, in the shadow of this “high place” the practice of traditional ancestral worship still exists.

Fort White has most modern amenities available in the city. This is a big difference from the seven small villages in the 10km surrounding it. The people in the villages collect water at communal taps and use outhouses. Though they have access to electricity, some villagers often do not have money to pay the electric meter. It’s an interesting contrast of old and modern times. Herdsmen keep their livestock off the main road while cars zoom by.

Intlantsi Christian School

Intlantsi is a residence-based school with weekly boarding. ICS’s goal is to equip each learner with sound Biblical values and life skills and provide education in all areas of a student’s life: spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The school began with one Grade 8 Class in 2019, and will grow by one grade each year.

One of the reasons ICS was launched was to bring hope to the underprivileged and vulnerable children in the area. Intlantsi means “a spark” and we pray that in each student, the Lord will spark a deep knowledge of His profound love.

We are praying for God’s great blessings and believe this is the beginning of something beautiful. For bringing this partnership together, we are so grateful to Him. We fully expect the lives of so many kids in this area of South Africa to be greatly impacted in the years ahead.