Tombo Ministry

Tombo is a very poor fishing village located on the western coastline of Sierra Leone. It is a major hub for fish trade and transport. The primary reason we were led to this area of the country is the absence of the Gospel among a predominately Muslim community.

Along with no Gospel witness being evident, we noticed the high number of kids who live and work there. Most of these children have little to no opportunity for an education. Because of the poor conditions and the bodies of water that surround Tombo, diseases such as Malaria, Typhoid and Cholera run rampant.

Ministry Center

The first steps for ministry in Tombo began in 2016 through a feeding program and the cultivation of relationships with key leaders of the village. We have already seen God do so much in Tombo!  Since 2016, not only have we built relationships, we have acquired a building to serve as our ministry center. The ministry center is a safe haven for children to feel loved and to do their homework. Ongoing discipleship, tutoring and camps are also occurring in the ministry center. As God continues to bless the work there, we expect to see many lives transformed for the glory of God.

Ministry Expeditions

As a part of the ongoing ministry, the 25 Project sends teams to conduct camps for kids.  The camps typically last 3-4 days and are an intense time of discipleship and mentoring for the kids. The teams we send support the discipleship already occurring there. God has clearly used camps to spark life change in so many. While the camps are just a few days in length, God has used these experiences to enrich and aid in the long-term ministry to kids.

We are so incredibly grateful for Fewry Egerton,  Director of the Tombo Ministry. He continues his efforts to build strong relationships with community members, the children currently in our program, as well as other children in the community. Most importantly, Fewry is sharing the Gospel daily with a community in dire need of hope.