Monkey Bush

A Vision Given

In 2016 our very own Shara Johnson joined our expedition team to Sierra Leone. It was soon after that Shara felt God’s call to move overseas, specifically to Sierra Leone. In the fall of 2017 Shara moved to Sierra Leone. Shara’s goal was to begin a girl’s ministry in Waterloo that followed the model already in place for street boys.

Monkey Bush

Once Shara became aquatinted with life in Sierra Leone, she and Daniel Fullah began to explore an area of need to begin a girl’s ministry. The Lord brought them to the Monkey Bush community, a village of Waterloo. In the Spring of 2018 they began to build relationships with the families and girls living in Monkey Bush. They began a feeding and discipleship program on Saturdays. By the fall of 2018, once relationships of trust had been built, we began with the first ten girls in our sponsorship program.

The Lord brought many alongside this ministry and the first ten girls were quickly sponsored and enrolled in school. We now have over 30 girls in our sponsorship program there and it continues to grow. Discipleship and a weekly feeding continues each week. The first camp for the girls took place in the Spring of 2019.

Educational Needs

Education is not free in Sierra Leone; families must pay for tuition, uniforms, school supplies, and other school fees. With parents struggling to provide for their families, this expense many times is not possible.

Typically, those who can afford to send their children to school will choose to send only their sons. Girls will be left at home to tend to daily chores and their younger siblings while parents work.

This lack of education and supervision leads girls just entering into adolescence very vulnerable to teenage pregnancy. For girls who have not been given access to education, they are often left with no option but to marry as early as 16 years of age, so they can be financially supported by their husband.

Ministry Expeditions

As a part of the ongoing ministry, the 25 Project sends teams to conduct camps for kids.  The camps typically last 3-4 days and are an intense time of discipleship and mentoring for the kids. The teams we send support the discipleship already occurring there. God has clearly used camps to spark life change in so many. While the camps are just a few days in length, God has used these experiences to enrich and aid in the long-term ministry to kids.

We are so incredibly grateful for Shara Johnson and Daniel Fullah. They continue their efforts to build strong relationships with community members, the girls currently in our program, as well as other children in the community. Most importantly, Shara and Daniel are sharing the Gospel daily with a community in dire need of hope.