Margaret’s Home

Margaret and her husband fled the Kono District in the east of Sierra Leone in 1992 as rebels were invading the area. They settled in Freetown, and were living life with their 4 children until January 10, 1999. Rebels stormed the city that day leaving hundreds dead. A neighbor of Margaret’s ran to her during the onslaught to say that Margaret’s husband had been killed. She gathered her children and ran into the bush to hide. Margaret never saw her husband again. She and many others made their way to Grafton Village outside of Freetown where hundreds of people were being housed in displaced camps.

Then in 2004, an old priest, Reverend Father Berton, approached Margaret about taking in 15 children who were sleeping in an old building that had been used as a cinema at one time. He offered to raise funds to help feed and house them.

Margaret continued to add even more to her family as neglected children without families came to her for food. In 2006, Father Berton was able to make arrangements for a larger place for Margaret’s growing bunch. However, he told Margaret at that time he had done all he could do, as he was old and not in the best of health.

Then in 2009, missionaries with the Restore Hope Project came in contact with Margaret and a group of 85 war widow’s families whom she leads. The women banded together as a support group, and had begun working together to provide food and resources for their families through farming.

In 2011, with the leadership of Tom and Becky Brockelman, provision for the children in Margaret Tucker’s care was initiated through a sponsorship program along with others who have given. Through the generosity of so many who have given in the past, as well as current givers, there is provision for food, medical care, education, as well as a witness for each of the 21 young adults in the home to know and learn about Christ.