Country Overview

A snapshot of Sierra Leone and it’s people provides a clear picture of the type of people Jesus was talking about in Matthew 25. Sierra Leone, this is where so many of the least of these call home. Hope desperately needs to come to this country and people.

Statistics coming out of Sierra Leone do not give the complete picture of what is going on there. However, numbers do tell part of the story. As has been the case for years, Sierra Leone has consistently been in every list of the poorest countries in our world.


The most recent estimates indicate that more than 53% of the population live below the international poverty line of $1.25/day. Nearly 3 million live on an annual income of $450 or less!  Poverty firmly resides in this nation, and as a result, natural effects of such desperation are widespread hunger, malnutrition, and disease.

Not only are the physical needs in Sierra Leone overwhelming, the message of the Gospel is virtually unknown among most. So many there have yet to experience the hope found in Jesus, much less even heard of His name or His story. While most are religious (practicing any number and combination of belief systems), the reality remains that the vast majority of people in Sierra Leone do not know Jesus.

While the needs are overwhelming, the 25 Project desires to be a part of addressing the needs of the precious people of this nation.

Sierra Leone Flag