Mission & Vision


Compelled by the Gospel, we seek to bring hope and healing to the least of these.

Jesus speaks of the “least of these” in Matthew 25, and says that when we care for this group of people, that we actually care for Jesus Himself.  It is from these words in Matthew 25, and the calling of God, that the ministry of the 25 Project was born and exists.

SL Cynthia

While the “least of these” comprises a broad range of people, the 25 Project is specifically focused on bringing hope and healing to orphaned and vulnerable children.  A quick survey of our world unfortunately shows millions upon millions of children who are orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable.

Children belong in families, not on the streets and not in institutions.  God’s perfect design for them is to be raised in a home by a loving family who will nurture, instruct, and disciple them to live for Him and share Him with a lost world.  However, living in a home with a loving family for many children is seemingly only a dream.  The 25 Project works to see that the dream of a home and a family becomes a reality while continually pointing each child to a transforming relationship with Jesus.