A Place To Call Home


Every child wants a place to call home.  It matters not what the appearance of the home is, but having a place to call home brings security, peace, and a sense of belonging.  Far too many times, a safe and secure place to call home is something many kids only dream of.  Living on the streets, living with friends, finding any place to sleep at night is often the reality for kids all around the world.SL Ibrahim Pic

Simply put, children belong in families.  Boys and girls should not have to mature and grow up learning life lessons on the streets or in institutions.  God’s perfect design for kids is to be reared in a home by a loving family who will nurture, instruct, and disciple them to live for Him and share Him with a lost world.  However, living in a home with a loving family for many children around the world, sadly, is simply not a reality.

Through our street kid ministry in Sierra Leone, many kids are reintegrated back into homes with their families when possible, or a home is provided through a godly family in a local church steps up and provides.

For more than ten years, Mercy Homes in South Asia has been providing a home and a family environment for more than one hundred children at any given time.  Currently, 54 children and young adults (double orphans) are living and being ministered to in two Mercy Homes.  Then in our newest partnership in the Dominican Republic, the Gospel is being shared with children and families in two separate villages, giving hope to those who live in poverty and need.

God is at work and His heart for orphan and vulnerable children is clear.  Every child wants a place to belong, a place to call home, and we strive to make this a reality with every child and young adult we are privileged to serve.

SL Family Pic