International Day of the African Child

Day of the African Child

Since 1991, the Day of the African Child is celebrated on June 16th. On this day in 1976 a revolt occurred in Soweto, West Africa due to an order. The order mandated that Afrikaans, instead of their native language, would be the language used for instruction in schools. Many of the students that led the uprising also died on that day. In 1991, the Organization of African Unity, initiated Day of the African Child. The students who died are honored on this day but also, awareness is raised regarding the need for improvements in the education of African children.


How the Day of the African Child is Celebrated in Sierra Leone

Fewry Egerton, our Director of Ministry in Tombo, filled me in on how they celebrate this day in Sierra Leone.

  • Schools and other learning institutions show a video of the Soweto uprising to familiarize students with the history of the Day of the African Child.
  • Children have the opportunity to hold certain offices for the day.
  • The radio stations are run by the children on this day.
  • Children wear their Africana Dress which consists of outfits with vibrant colors and patterns.

25 Project’s Part

While many countries provide free education, that is not the case in Sierra Leone. Tuition is required and each nation-wide test requires payment. In addition, families must have funds for supplies and uniforms. Therefore, many of the children we serve are initially not in school. Our hope for the future in Sierra Leone is that this would change and that there will be equal opportunity for education for all children. In the meantime, through our sponsorship partners, we are able to get many children off the streets and back in school.

What Can You Do?

Countless numbers of children in Sierra Leone remain on the streets unable to attend school. Because of this, the need is great. We have many children in our program awaiting a sponsor so that they can attend school. Read a few of their stories here.

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Sarah Teasdale

Sarah Teasdale serves as the Senior Director of Operations for the 25 Project. Sarah served 11 years in McKinney ISD as a teacher, instructional coach, and assistant principal before joining the 25 Project team in 2014. Sarah, and her husband Gary, serve at First McKinney.


Sarah Teasdale


June 16, 2017